Our Dancer of the Month program at Miss Krystn's Dance Studio has been a truly positive incentive for our dancers. Not only are our dancers striving to be their very best in class, but the camaraderie between the students is undeniably genuine. We love how positive our studio is and how much our dancers support each other!

February 2018 | Alyssa

Congratulations to Alyssa, our February 2018 'Dancer of the Month'! She arrives to her ballet class on time, with appropriate dress, shoes, and bun, exemplifying our dress code, and wearing a great big smile week after week after week! As a Junior Assistant, she is helpful and caring with our younger dancers who look up to her. Alyssa is a dedicated, hard working young lady and a true pleasure to have in class.  Keep up the amazing work and congrats, Alyssa!

January 2018 | Madison

Congratulations to Madison, our January 2018 'Dancer of the Month'! She was selected as DOM for the second time in 3 years, is a 7th year student at MKDS, and has progressed tremendously as a dancer. Her positive attitude, hard work and dedication each week in every class is incredible. Congratulations Miss Madison!

December 2017 | Lilah

Congratulations to Lilah, our December 2017 'Dancer of the Month'! A member of our Combo Cuties class, Lilah always comes to class ready to learn (and always with a smile)! She loves demonstrating new dance steps to her friends in class and she’s progressed tremendously since her first dance class 3-years ago! We are proud of you Lilah! Congrats again! 

November 2017 | Maeve

Congratulations to Maeve, our November 2017 'Dancer of the Month'! She comes to ballet and tap/jazz class with a positive attitude and is always excited to try new things!  She is a joy to have in the studio and we are very proud of her! Congratulations Maeve!

OCTOBER 2017 | Katya

Congratulations to Katya, our October 2017 'Dancer of the Month'! This first year MKDS student was surprised in her Tumbling Tutus class with this sign that she can display proudly on her front lawn or window! Katya is a sweet girl and a very good listener in class. Congratulations Katya!

JUNE 2017 | Ria

Congratulations to Ria, our June 2017 'Dancer of the Month'!  Ria has been a part of our studio for 5 years and always comes to class with a positive attitude, big smile and is a willingness to work hard. She's very helpful to her dance friends in hip hop and is not afraid to try new things! Great job Ria, you deserve this recognition! 

APRIL 2017 | Kevin

Congratulations to Kevin, our April 2017 'Dancer of the Month'! Kevin is a member of our Boyz Hip Hop Class. He comes focused and ready to work every week! Kevin is a great listener, takes direction very well and has improved his skills tremendously. Congratulations again Kevin - keep up the great work!

MARCH 2017 | Taylor

Congratulations to Taylor, our March 2017 'Dancer of the Month'! Taylor is a part of our Combo Cuties class and has been doing such a wonderful job this year! She's kind, polite and doing a great job listening in class! Congratulations Taylor!

FEBRUARY 2017 | Maddie

Congratulations to Maddie, our February 2017 'Dancer of the Month'! A first year student at MKDS, and new Company member, Maddie has been a wonderful asset to the studio and we are so thrilled to have her with us! Along with her natural talent, Maddie is a wonderful person. She is kind, thoughtful and a joy to have in class. Congratulations Maddie! 

JANUARY 2017 | Courtney

Congratulations to COURTNEY, our January 2017 'Dancer of the Month'!  Courtney is in our Tap/Jazz Combo class and always comes to the studio with a positive attitude. She is always giving her best and has shown much improvement in her class. Very well deserved...congratulations again Courtney!

DECEMBER 2016 | Ellie

Congratulations to ELLIE, our December 2016 'Dancer of hte Month'! Ellie is one of the new dancers in our Musical Theater class and has such a bright light to her. She comes to class excited and ready to learn! She has a great sense of confidence and a wonderful imagination! Congratulations Ellie!

NOVEMBER 2016 | Genna

Congratulations to GENNA, our November 2016 'Dancer of the Month'! Genna works very hard in all of her classes. She is such a positive and funny student and she's always willing to try new things! Keep up the hard work Genna!

OCTOBER 2016 | Olivia

Congratulations to OLIVIA, our October  2016 'Dancer of the Month'! Olivia shows great class etiquette by listening to her teacher, following directions and trying her best! She was surprised in dance class with this sign she can proudly display in her front yard. Congrats Olivia!